Hi! I’m Helen, personal and interior stylist and colour consultant, based near Chippenham in Wiltshire. When I’m not working on styling and interiors, I love curling up with a good book on the sofa, walks in the countryside and singing in my local community choir. I also love a good party and a nice G & T! I hate talking about myself, but here goes…


It’s funny how a period of bad health can make you re-evaluate your life and give you the confidence to follow your dreams.


I live in Wiltshire with my husband, our two grown up children (when they are not at uni) and our very spoilt Cocker Spaniel.  Having always put the family first, I worked as a teaching assistant for many years while the children were growing up. After completing a house renovation, I went through a period of severe pain in my neck which was mis-diagnosed for 9 months and I was told I would be in pain for the rest of my life. Thankfully I did start to feel better and I realised that life was too short – don’t wait any longer to follow your dreams!


Helen MacCleaster - Colour and Style for You and Your Home was born


Over the years, health issues have affected my self-confidence and weight but I have learned to accept myself for who I am. I have spent time and effort to learn the tools to make myself and others feel happy in their own skin.  My goal now is to pass on these tools to other people who, for whatever reason, have lost their self-confidence. I want to help other people to accept themselves, love their own body and to dress with confidence.  

Colour is my passion


I love helping others feel their best by wearing the right colours for them - these don’t have to be bright colours, knowing the right neutrals is important - it can be such a confidence boost! I had my lightbulb moment a few years ago when I first had my colours done and I saw the impact that wearing the right colours can have on how people feel about themselves. I decided to retrain as a colour analyst and personal stylist and I did my personal stylist training with the Image Consulting Company. I love being part of this group of supportive women and the opportunities it brings, such as styling at Bristol fashion week which was such a fantastic experience.


Having completely renovated two houses and advised friends and family over the years on interiors, I was keen to incorporate this into my business too. It might not be obvious to people but the colours that suit them are often the colours they choose for their home. 


I believe that style is personal to you


Having a style in your home, and in how you dress, that reflects your personality, your lifestyle and the image you want to portray to others is key. You can’t buy style or just follow a set of rules – your personal style should reflect who you are. My job is to help you pull a look together, be it for how you dress yourself or how you dress your home, knowing which rules to stick to and which ones can be broken (or bent just a little).