Are you confused about your style? Do you admire others’ outfits but things don’t seem to look quite right on you? Maybe you are stuck in a rut and tend to reach for the same outfits on repeat every week. It is often said that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Does this sound like you?


If you find getting dressed every day stressful or have difficulty knowing what items to put together, a Personal Style & Wardrobe Review could be just what you need


Sometimes our wardrobes need an overhaul – I’ve been there, I know. This can be for many reasons: after children, weight gain or loss, loss of confidence due to ill-health, menopause, change in life circumstances such as divorce, empty-nest syndrome, retirement, new job… the list is endless


This may happen a few times during our lives - I know it has for me. If this is you, I am here to help you. Don’t put it off – invest in yourself now. It will save you an awful lot of money in the long run. Learn how to avoid bad purchases and what questions to ask yourself before buying anything new for your wardrobe.

A personal style and wardrobe review will help you recognise the style you want to portray and how to make that work for your body shape and colour palette. By defining your style, you will learn how to put a look together with ease and what refinements are needed to your current wardrobe to make it more coordinated.


“After a couple of hours of trying on of outfits and Helen’s expert advice, not only was I confident to know what combinations worked best but, more importantly, the correct style that enhanced my body shape and accentuated my best features.”


So what can you expect from a Personal Style & Wardrobe Review?

  • I will identify your body shape and unique style.

  • We will look at how to enhance your best features and maybe detract attention where not wanted. We will do this by using the correct garment styles, fabrics, pattern size and placement, embellishment, accessories and jewellery and other tips

  • We will go through your wardrobe, removing any items which don’t flatter your body shape or skin colouring, and working out which items work well together and where there are any gaps that need to be filled to enhance what you already have

  • We will create a wishlist of items to enhance your existing wardrobe.

  • The session typically lasts about 3 hours

  • After the session, I will send you a personalised Pinterest board. This will include photos of outfits we put together during the day and my pics of current items available on the High Street which would fulfill your wishlist.

  • To help you put this into practice, I will provide 3 months’ ongoing support, so you can call or email me whenever you need support or advice


Price - £95 per person