Do you sometimes buy clothes that you only wear once but you’re not sure why? Chances are the colour is not quite right for you. You need to learn how to wear colours that harmonise with your natural colouring and highlight your best features. Going shopping and getting dressed in the morning is a lot easier once you know your colour palette.


If you need a confidence boost, a colour consultation is often the best place to start



You will find out which colours suit you best, make you look younger, your eyes shine, wrinkles diminish and generally give you a healthy glow.


“…I had no idea how certain colours and shades of colour worn could have such an impact on how you look.”


So what can you expect from a colour consultation?

  • Relax in my purpose-built studio near Chippenham in Wiltshire or in your own home.

  • If you come to me, I will provide tea and homemade cake, or a glass of fizz if you prefer.

  • The consultation typically takes around 2 hours depending on the size of the group.

  • I will explain the seasonal colour method I use and how it works.

  • We will start off by discovering whether warm or cool colours suit you and then use my range of drapes to find which seasonal sub-category you belong to and discover your best colours.

  • Try out the best make-up shades for your skin tone, with options to purchase.

  • Take home detailed analysis and a personal wallet of your best colours.

  • Receive a follow-up email with extra tips about colour combinations


To find your true colours, the colour consultation needs to be in natural daylight and it is best that you don’t wear any make-up (although a simple base would be fine as long as you don’t wear any blusher, eye shadow or lipstick). Don’t worry if you don’t like going bare-faced, you can always take it off when you get here and re-apply afterwards.


My colour consultation works really well in small groups of up to four people – it is often reassuring for the person having their colours done to have their friends there to reaffirm their best colours.


Price - £75 per person with a £10 discount per person for groups of 3 or 4